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Flamingo Gutters

Excellent tightness

Flamingo elements are molded in specially designed, patented molds. Forget about the leaks when assembled.

Best materials

Flamingo gutters are manufactured from Green Coat RWS (Rain Water System) steel produced by SSAB- a Swedish global steel company. Green Coat RWS was developed specifically to create high quality gutter system.

It has a double sided coating and is exceptionally durable. Coating used in Green Coat RWS products include polymer grains, which improve the surface scratch resistance.

The system is made out the best quality steel covered with zinc 0.90 oz/ft


Flamingo gutters have a 30- year warranty for the C1-C4 environmental class (industrial and coastal areas with a high aggressiveness of the corrosive environment).

Safe transport and storage

Flamingo elements are factory-protected with foil.

We transport it in specially designed packaging and care about the highest standard of storage.


Flamingo hangers can easily carry the weight of 165lb.

Easy and fast assembly

Flamingo components are made with care for the smallest detail and fit together perfectly, making the assembly fast and easy.

best gutters, best warranty, 30 years warranty gutter system
Gutters, connectors, rain catchers, inside corner

Easy and fast assembly

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