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Fakro Skylights and Attic Stairs Installer

Skylights are a great addition to almost any room in the home, providing up to 3 times more light than a regular vertical window of the same size. All FAKRO residential skylights filter UV rays (Low-E) and feature tinted glass for increased thermal performance and energy savings. Available in deck mounted and curb mounted versions in a variety of standard sizes FAKRO skylights are perfect for new builds and retrofits.
We are Certified Fakro Skylights and Attic Stairs Installer
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Special features of FAKRO skylights

FAKRO’s skylight design is suitable for the roofing industry’s demand and style of construction.

Our simple and practical installation system, together with a newly designed “warm” frame, and a Low-E, single chamber glazing result in an Energy Star® efficient residential skylight.

These features allow for fast and easy one-person installation and a leak-proof Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Finished wooden frame; pressure-treated, double coated with water-based clear acrylic lacquer

  • Energy Star, Low-E, UV filtering glass; laminated or tempered glazing

  • Single chamber filled with thermal-regulating inert argon gas

  • Perimeter seal and sturdy wooden frame for "warm" roof boarding-skylight frame joint

  • Bracket-free, one-person installation

  • Type EL step or EH-A high profile flashing required

  • Template and installation hardware included

Fixed skylight FX

  • suitable for roofs pitched between 15° and 85°

  • made from pressure treated pine wood

  • wider range of accessories specifically for skylights

  • lower heat transmittance (summer), less heat loss in the winter.

Venting skylight FV

  • quick and easy to install - new installation system, no brackets!

  • triple seal system

  • manual opening and closing mechanism

  • smooth and easy operation either by a crank or a control rod

Electric venting skylight FVE

  • integrated electrically controlled system

  • triple seal system

  • remote-operated (as a set)

  • possibility of control by Switch ZKC (keyboard for electric skylights)

Solar venting skylight FVS

  • equipped with a radio control system, allowing for easy remote operation

  • internal gasket system protects frame and drywall from condensation

  • the PV panel is fitted on the skylight hood using a metal console

  • triple gasket system

Fixed skylight FXC

  • unique design, white finished, PVC frame interior

  • installs in any orientation (360 degree rotation)

  • available in G32 tempered or G33 laminated glass

  • condensation channels trap moisture and drains it outside

  • integrated frame allows blinds to be easy installed before or after install

  • wide range of colors in accordance with the RAL Classic Palette (both types: FXC G32, FXC G33)

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