Metal Gutter Systems

Rain water management intelligently designed: award winning Worthouse Flamingo guttering system is unmatched. This durable, efficient metal guttering system is designed to work seamlessly with your modular metal roof. Our steel gutters are engineered for simple, trouble-free installation. We offer metal guttering for house rain gutters as well as commercial gutters and downspouts. These metal gutters are molded of a special steel coated in polymers, especially developed for rain gutters and downspouts, insuring decades of worry-free function and durability.


  1. Gutter

  2. Joint connector

  3. Fascia hanger

  4. Inside corner

  5. Outside corner

  6. End cap

  7. Drop outlet

  8. Elbow

  9. Downspout

  10. Downspout heavy duty mount

  11. Downspout strap anchor

  12. Downspout wall bracket

  13. Downspout connector

  14. Outflow elbow

  15. Rain catcher

  16. Tee connector

  17. Rain trap

No Leaks

Flamingo guttering is molded and formed so that each piece seals tightly, creating a leak-proof bond. This means our gutters create a waterproof channel to manage rainwater.

Highest Quality Material

Flamingo guttering is manufactured from GreenCoat RWS (Rain Water System) steel produced by SSAB – a Swedish global steel company, developed specifically for guttering systems. Waterproof polymer grain coating surrounds the steel, making the surface scratch resistant and durable for decades.

Performance and Durability for Generations

Flamingo guttering has a 30 year warranty. Even in the C1-C4 environmental class, highly corrosive environments of industry and coastlines.

Gutter Systems for Home or Commercial

Flamingo guttering for home – system 5.75``/3.5`` 135/90. Special order available for industry and large buildings – system 5.90``/3.90`` 150/100

Highest Standard Shipping Protection

Flamingo system elements are factory protected with foil for shipping. Less worry about pieces damaged in shipment or on the job site.

Strong and Resilient

Flamingo gutters formed of GreenCoat RWS steel, are coated with rain and weather resistant polymers. This system will shrug off corrosion, UV rays and scratching, yet remains lightweight and easy to install.

Total Steel Protection

Our Flamingo guttering system is engineered to work with Worthouse modular metal roofing tile systems to seamlessly provide your building at the highest level of protection available.

Ease of Installation

We've molded our guttering elements to fit together easily, each piece has been designed to make system assembly and installation goof-proof, efficient and fast.

Sturdy Gutter Hangars

Flamingo gutter hangars can support 165 pounds, or 75 kilograms with ease.

Respected, Recognized, Exceptional

Flamingo guttering has won awards and is widely recognized by professional roofers and builders as the best guttering system available for metal roofs.

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