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H-F 20.25 H-F 16


Hidden Fastener (H-F) Steel Roof.

Designed as a roofing panel for high end, prestige residential and commercial buildings, Ideal Roofing's H-F 16 & H-F 20.25 hidden fastener steel roof panels bring back the rich traditional style and appearance of standing-seam roofs without the need of clips and the use of a seamer when installing.

The architecturally pleasing H-F 16 & H-F 20.25 panel can be installed over a solid backing, or over steel or wood purlins through oval slots with Ideal Roofing's specially designed fastening screws, allowing for the contraction and expansion of the metal.

Product Specifications:

Slope- Minimum pitch - 3:12

Coverage -20.25" or 16"

Mill finish Galvanized Steel, ASTM-A653 SS Grade 33, Z275(G-90)

Gauge: 28 (.018" thick)

Mill finish Galvalume Plus Steel, ASTM-A792 SS Grade 33, AZ180

Gauge: 24 (.026" thick)

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel, ASTM-A653 SS Grade 33, Z275(G-90);

                                                   10000+Series: Kynar 500

                                                   Gauges: 28 (.018" thick) H-F20.25

                                                                  26 (.021" thick) H-F16

                                                                  24 (.026" thick) H-F20.25


> Add prestige and architectural value to commercial and residential buildings

> Easy installation: no clips and no seamer necessary

> Save time and labor coast

> Allow for natural movement of roofing system


H-F 20.25, H-F 16


Of all roofing materials, it is well known that metal roofing is by far the longest lasting roofing material. One only needs to travel the countryside to see century-old homes and agricultural buildings with steel roofs still standing solid and proud.

Although some of them are a little rusty and discolored on the surface, they have endured countless years of battering from the elements and are still weatherproof. Of course, in earlier days, steel roofing materials did not enjoy the benefits of today’s rust resistant metal coatings, technological advances in oven-baked paint systems and solar reflection qualities all bonded to the steel surface at the factory.

Times have changed since then. Residential steel roofing materials are now available in a wide variety of designs and colors to complement any style of home. Today’s steel roofing materials offer unmatched durability, lasting as much as 4 to 5 times longer than asphalt shingles.

They are so reliable, beautiful and appealing to the eye that they are not only used in roofing applications for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, but also as cladding on inside and outside walls of prestigious commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, professional sports venues and other private and public facilities.

Metal roofing has been around for more than a century. Used originally for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, today’s metal roofing also comes in standing seam in a variety of attractive contemporary colors.



Available Colors

10,000 Series, Kynar 500

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel,

ASTM-A653 SS Grade 33, Z275(G-90);

Gauges: 28 (.018" thick) H-F20.25

24 (.026" thick) H-F20.25




Lifetime protection is the reason for the higher cost!

Consider a steel roof a lifetime investment that will reward you with a higher resale value when the time comes to sell your house. And you will save money in the long run. The architecturally pleasing hidden fastener panel can be installed over a solid backing.

And our Standing Seam HF come with a transferable 40-year warranty.

Because, when you are ready to move on, you want your house to retain its best resale value.

Standing Seam HF last at least 4 to 5 times longer. It may even be the last roof you install on your house for as long as you live! 

So if they last at least 4 to 5 times longer, THEN THEY ARE LESS EXPENSIVE. It is a fact that steel shingles do cost more at the outset than regular asphalt shingles… about 50 percent more or less depending on the model you choose, the location of your construction or renovation project, your roofing contractor or installer and the complexity of your roof. In the long term, it's another story!



For example, let’s say it costs you $6,000 to re-roof your house with traditional asphalt shingles that will last you 15 years before they need to be replaced. 

Example based on an average annual inflation rate of 2.1% from 2000 to 2013, and supposing the inflation rate remains at 2,1% annually for the next 50 years, here is what the real cost of re-roofing would be for the average homeowner, if he or she had to replace the roof every 15 years. Cost of materials only. Increases over and above 2,1% annually in the cost of steel and transportation are not factored into this calculation. Installation cost not included.

Why Steel Shingels?

Cost of re-roofing with conventional asphalt shingles over 50 years

The most economical solution or the best quality solution for the long term? Draw the conclusion: the cost of re-roofing every 15 years for a total of 50 years would be 6,4 times the cost of re-roofing ONCE AND FOR ALL with Standing Seam HF.


There may be quite a few reasons for your roofing contractor or installer, and even your building lumber sales representative, to try and discourage you from installing standing seam roofs... even if you are convinced of the superior qualities of a steel roof and are willing to invest the money.

Many of them are not used to selling the product and doing the necessary calculations to give you an accurate quote.

It is a little more work for them to give you a correct estimate for your type of roof, depending on roof pitch, shape, area to be covered, number of gables, dormers, skylights, valleys, trim and other features of your house.

They do not always know where to find reputable steel roof installers and the skilled tradesmen that will do a good job in their neck of the woods. 

It may take longer and more precision to install standing seam roof than it does to slap down and tack squares of asphalt shingles on any type of roof. As with every business, roofers and building lumber want to keep things simple and don’t want to be bothered with orders and sales that are out of the ordinary, as they are intent on serving as many customers as they can in the least amount of time.

Roofers and lumbers generally carry a large inventory of asphalt shingles normally purchased in springtime for consumption throughout the year. They prefer liquidating their inventory rather than ordering Standing Seam HF on a special-order basis even if delivery may only take a few days.

Finally, both roofers and lumber salespeople know that if you install steel shingles on your roof, you may not need to buy shingles from them anymore… because you will not need roofing materials for another 40 years. Let’s not kid ourselves! That’s not very good for their business as these people earn their living with repeat customers having to change their roofs every 10 to 15 years.

standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF
standing seam HF


H-F 20.25, H-F 16

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