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Does the number of chambers in the uPVC window matter?

Chambers are small air compartments inside the frame separated by thin walls. Their main function is to provide strong thermal insulation and to stabilize the window or door frame structure. So, does the number of chambers in the uPVC window matter? The answer is YES, the more- the better.

Multi-chamber profiles make the frame more stable, stronger, and flexible. Additional air compartments ensure better rainwater preventing water from entering inside. A larger number of chambers makes the window thicker which contributes to better thermal insulation. It keeps the interior space warm during winter and cool during summer. Strong thermal insulation helps reduce heating and cooling costs while creating a comfortable indoor environment by minimizing drafts and temperature fluctuations. By choosing a window with several air partitions, you will gain a multi-point locking system that increases the security of the internal space. It also makes the interior safer against external contaminants. Multi-chambered uPVC windows are made to last in extreme weather conditions such as scorching heat, high humidity, powerful winds, rain, and thunderstorms. They never lose their shape or color despite the weather. They can offer flexible glazing options. They can hold up to three layers of glazing, that can help with sound reduction and heat escape.

The ALUPLAST is a German window manufacturer known for its functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. Their 6-chamber system ensures excellent thermal insulation properties and noise suppression, significantly improving the comfort of living and guaranteeing many years of enjoyment.

ALUPLAST offers windows in a variety of finishes and colors allowing homeowners to personalize their windows and doors to suit their style and architectural preferences.

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