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Metal Roofing

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

Metal roofing is great fit for property owners not only in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding area but also from across the country. While there are many aesthetic, budgetary and practical reasons to change, an often overlooked advantage of steel roofing is how it can directly and indirectly affect the conditions inside your home in a positive way.

Metal roofing is much lower maintenance, better protection and keeps your home at a more consistent temperature as well reduces your electric bill.

Quick Benefits;

-Class A Fire and Wind Resistant ( up to 120 mph)

-Mildew Resistant

-Light weight, eliminating structures sagging

-Excellent long term investment

-Beauty and functional

-Environmentally friendly

-No maintenance required

-Lower rate for Insurance property policy

There are many reasons why people choose metal roofing for their home, but also reasons why different types and appearance may be just right for your style home.

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